Friday, February 17, 2012

A very nice time spent at The Club

Thursday nights are always Martini Nights.  It is a great opportunity to meet other members and their friends that they bring.

I sat by myself at the far end until the wonderful lady who works behind the bar came over and invited me to sit with some people on the sofa near the fire.

The people I usually sit with had many friends there so I did not want to intrude.

It was a delight to meet new people as well and we had some good conversations.  I particularly enjoyed meeting Paven as he is an entrepreneur like my son.  I saw in him goodness as he offered to share his supper with the people sitting with him,  also he supports a charity for boys and girls, which I totally loved.

He would like to meet my son when he returns so I will arrange that.

Another point I would like to mention. Mohammed and I were very impressed with the lady behind the bar.  She saw Mohammed come in late, and poured his gingerale. He was very taken with that and felt so welcomed by that kind gesture. She is such a nice lady and so thoughtful.  It was she who brought me over to sit with the people on the sofa.  I probably would not have gone by myself, as I don't like to intrude.

I think this is one of the nicest Martini nights I have had.  I liked everybody who sat on the sofa and really enjoyed the fireplace lit.  It is so cozy.

I also was glad to see one of my favourite people in the club come and sit with us for awhile.

All in all, a delightful time, once again, at the Club.

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