Thursday, February 2, 2012

Asma and I at the Club

She made very good time from Toronto and we were lucky to find a parking spot downstairs rather than have to go all the way to the roof.

We had a short visit here and then we went over for lunch.  It was not too crowded at the time we went so got got a nice seat near the window.

In the foyer of my apartment
We tried different shots just to have some fun. Here is a side view.

We walked over to the club and both of us enjoyed our meals.  I think she had the tuna fish salad sandwich with a bowl of mushroom and onion soup.  We decided against desert as we were totally full and brought things home in a doggy bag.

The portions at the club are large.  I never can finish them but it makes a nice change for me not to have to cook the next day.

In the room where lunch is usually served

A more sober look
After our nice lunch, we went over to the mall to see if she could get some manto which is Afghani food.  Unhappily, there were none left.  Ah well, next time when she comes, definitely we will try again to get some.

After she left,Ii lay down for awhile as I felt tired.  I didn't sleep, just rested and listened to nature music which has a very calming effect on me.

Tonight Mohammed and I will go to Martini Hour and we will meet at the club.  All in all, a lovely day.

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