Monday, December 21, 2009

What a marvelous day it was yesterday

The lit Advent Wreath at my friend's place
Her lovely advent wreath and cloth

At my friend's apartment. Her live Christmas tree

Donated by some ladies at Wellingstone Retirement Residence to the Golfers tournament that people go on once a year. Hand crafted to the best of my understanding. Such talent!

In the church hall after the service. Picture of Martin Luther on the wall.

The lovely tree in the sanctuary

The Manager scene

The Advent Wreath at St. John's

It was the children's pageant at St. John's and they really did a good job and made it very lively. They even made cookies for the congregational coffee hour after the service.

I was able to take quite a few nice shots so you will see some of them here.

In the afternoon, Rosie and I picked up her friend Terry in Ancaster and then enjoyed a light lunch at Rosie's and we spent the afternoon together.

Rosie drove both of us home which was very nice of her. Sunday bus service is very slow from her location and it was pretty cold so I appreciated a ride home. I could have taken the bus but she offered so it was doubly appreciated.
Once I was home, and feeling very tired as I had not slept the night before properly, I decided to not go to the Candlelight Service at St. Paul's at 7:30. I was very sorry to miss it as it is a very beautiful service.

Today, light snow is falling and it looks very pretty from my window up here on the 9th floor. I do enjoy a little snow at Christmas as it covers the ground and makes everything look so clean and pure. There are so many wonderful things about winter that I enjoy and actually, I enjoy all four seasons in Canada.
Have a good day!

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