Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A lovely time spent in Kitchener

Tabatha, their cat, taking over Billy's lap!
Bill, opening his presents

Bill, reading my article in HistoriCITY.

Anna, opening up some of her presents.

A wonderful display in their lobby. Today is a building party which is lovely.

Judy's office is in the background.

The lobby in their new apartment

Yesterday I took up the Christmas presents for Anna and Billy and spent a few hours with them in their new home.

The lobby of their building looks absolutely inviting , all decked out for Christmas and it is such a blessing that they are there. Clean and spotless is the word for this building and the residents that I have bumped into have been friendly.

Anna and Billy just love it there and they are now exploring the neighbourhood slowly but surely. They are also looking for a church home in their new neighbourhood.

They are well looked after there and I find the building manager very friendly and protective of them.

God is so good - this is 100% better than what they had all those years on Sheldon and what looked like a catastrophe; having been given a notice to leave after 20 years due to the owner's mother wanting their apartment, they now have a far better place with a private balcony and it is kept my warmer and is definitely cleaner!

I passed by their old apartment on my way back and there was no light in their former sitting room window. Perhaps they are renovating it to bring it more up to date?

In any event, things worked out very well for them and they like their new area as well as their new apartment so that is all that matters.

I had planned to stay until the 6:30 bus back to Hamilton but Anna was suddenly exhausted and wanted to go to bed so I caught the 4:30 bus back home. It worked out well as a blizzard had started in Kitchener and the driver could hardly see in front of the bus. As we drove along and got closer to Hamilton, there was no more snow.

Strange, we sure have been very lucky this winter here! It is only an hour and a half bus ride from here to there, but such a difference in the weather!

All in all, a good day.

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