Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday's programme

At St. Paul's there is the Children's Programme today which is always cute and then a luncheon after that.

This afternoon it is our building's party which is also very enjoyable and one does not need to go out!

I wish I could have gone to the ArtWord/Artbar but those readings were on on the same time as my party.

As for the Tower Poetry party, I had a real nice time. It was held at the Bentley Condos on Caroline which is very close to me. Una and Charles live there and they like it very much. Now I also know Kay there. This is the place that I want Kenny to buy a condo in and I will live there as it is still enough downtown but the rooms are much bigger. One of its biggest drawing cards is that the units have balconies!!!!! I could grow my flowers and vegetables each summer again.

Kay was the hostess and Marianne as the social convener, helped her. It was very well attended and the party room is very nice indeed. They have two sofas and plenty of comfortable black folding chairs, plus tables to put food on. They have their storage room right in the party room and it has a vacuum cleaner and the stacking chairs.

I was very impressed with how well the room was organized. It had a very small kitchen area with a serving window, and lots of space to hang out there if people wanted to. However, the room also had a sitting area with nice curtains in it and pictures on the wall.

Kay told me that she does not have to pay for the room. she only had to give a cheque in case of mess and that would not be cashed unless the room was left in a mess.

We have to pay $30 which is cashed the day of the party and a $300 deposit cheque which is not cashed if there are no damages.

We also do not have enough chairs and chairs have to be brought in from outside which is very costly. In my case, Hosea arranged to get chairs from St. John's but that really was a great deal of work for him.

I am going to put in a suggestion at our place that the board purchase chairs and perhaps get a small sofa or two. It sure made the room very cozy. Our room is not a cozy room, although it is very nice.

In the evening I just vegetated and watched the Three Tenors and then a children's choir from London, England.

All in all, a very nice day!

Further to this entry, we had our condo party today and I had a wonderful time. In fact, I was asked to read the story which I wrote about the building which was published in HistoriCITY and so I went upstairs to get it and gave away all of my copies that I had left from my party.

It was received very favourably.

I sat with Ruth and Don, Angela and Bucky and from time to time, others would come over.

It was a very nice event.

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