Saturday, December 5, 2009

An evening spent at Valentinos

It was a lovely evening that was spent at Valentinos Restaurant in Westdale. I got picked up at 20 minutes to 5 and we were there until almost 8 p.m.

It was very busy in there, especially as the evening progressed. All types of people came in, from family groups, to an elderly woman with her grey hair in a bun who was waiting for a guest.

It was a delight to people watch, especially the little children in the restaurant and how their adults interacted with them.

I particularly enjoyed a young mother with her little blond daughter as she hugged and kissed her, making her feel like the princess that she was..

I was also drawn to watching a youngish man and a young boy of about 9 or 10. They were not related, as one was Caucasian and the other Oriental. These two were sharing a pizza together and while there were quite a few silent times, they also chatted with each other fairly easily. I wondered if they were in a Big Brother/Little Brother relationship.

If this was so, I wish them all the best! It is such a worthwhile thing for a grown man to mentor a young boy. So many boys now are without the influence of a Dad, for whatever reason. Boys definitely need a good male role model in order to develop their personalities properly.

It was quite difficult to hear sometimes due to the long table and the surrounding noise, but Diana was a doll and told me what was said at the other end of the table so I did not miss out too much.

It was an expensive evening, spent about $18 for the meal including the tip, but once a year I don't mind as they are a great bunch of gals and we always have fun!

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