Monday, May 25, 2009

A wonderful weekend!

Sauble Beach in the afternoon Two young
children in the water.

Sunset over Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada.

We left at 1:30 Friday afternoon and took the backroads rather than the highways. It was much more pleasant and we saw lots of farm animals this way.

We stopped in Elora at the Country Kitchener and met the other two cars there. The food there is really excellent.

We arrived in the late afternoon at the cottage and were able to spend a wonderful evening together, just chatting and enjoying each other's company. Hanna & Waltrault's cabin is pictured above.
In the morning, once sleepy eyes were opened and coffee drank, we had devotions. This year it was on the three wives of Abraham and this provoked a lot of interesting discussion. All very amicable. It was told through the eyes of The Tanakh, The Old Testament and the Qu'ran.
At the same time, we did another devotion on the Lord's Prayer, two particular verses of it.
After lunch, we all went to Port Elgin, Sauble Beach and Southampton and checked out the local stores and sights. It was great fun. I was quite amazed by what one could buy in those small towns. I preferred Southampton as it was very quaint and nice.
Saturday night, after a nice supper, and a lovely walk on the beach at Sauble, we just hung out and chatted again.
The next day, being Sunday, we went to Southampton to Faith Lutheran and enjoyed a wonderful service there. It was great as I could hear every word the pastor said!
It was a very modern church, much to my surprise. I had half expected a little country church.
The people were extremely friendly and we all enjoyed chatting with them at the coffee hour after the service.
After lunch, we tidied up the cottage a little and went in three different cars back to Hamilton.
The scenery alone was wonderful, and passing through all the little towns was great. I am thankful to have had this opportunity to spend the weekend with congenial people enjoying God's wonderful countryside!

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