Sunday, May 31, 2009

A lovely relaxing time listening to the Scottish music on the radio

I do so enjoy the Scottish music as heard on 740 A.M. each Sunday.

When I was a young girl, some of my teachers were Scottish and so through them, I learned some of their songs.

In Quebec, at that time, most of the teachers the English Protestant School Board hired were from the British Isles, if I am remembering correctly.

Mind you, both of my aunts were elementary school teachers, and both of them taught in one room schools in the country when they started off. Both were born in Canada so my memory must be incorrect.

I will always remember one school master who was from England. Our class did not get up on our feet fast enough when he entered the room and thus, we were kept after school to write these lines....

"I shall stand up when the teacher comes in".

The school system certainly seems very different today!

Actually, I think we had the best time, as we learned respect for our elders and for each other.

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