Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

I poured coffee for about an hour and a half, had a bite to eat and treated a street person to a meal of knockwurst, German potato salad, and a bread bun. I offered him a piece of cake but he was diabetic.

It was very well attended and I was very pleased that Jennifer, a friend of mine came. In fact, I was delighted. I had put it out on the e-mail for the Whitehern gals and guys but she is the only one who turned up from that group.

We had a nice little chat while I ate my dinner and then we drove together to the Tower Poetry Society Annual Meeting.

I remained soaked to the skin, even with my raincoat on, as I had to leave when the worst of the rain came down.

The atmosphere at St. John's was wonderful and Jennifer really had a good time.

It is a very loving congregation and I try to do what I can to help.

The A.G.M. went much better than last year. If it had gone the same way as last year, I was ready to resign as it was just too much for me.

However, it was more orderly.

I am really quite tired and will just rest now. Jennifer drove me home for which I was most thankful. Both Jeff and Ed offered to drive me home, but I went with Jennifer as we came together.

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