Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy, busy day on Sunday!

What happened to the Day of Rest????

It seems that my life gets busier and busier, rather than slowing down but that is okay.

I went to an interesting talk by Karen and Al Craig on the Living Rock and spoke with them afterwards. I hope to interview them for an article I shall write on the work

The more publicity the better, as times are tough and there are so many young people falling throuh the cracks.

Jennifer picked me up and we went to hear a beautiful concert of church music in Ancaster. St. John's Anglican Church held a wonderful musical afternoon. It is a marvelous looking church and certainly is not hurting for money.

I arrived home at 6:20, gulped down some food and then quickly went over to Lit Live on King William. It was lucky that I arrived ten minutes before they started as they were locked out and Jean offered up her home to have the readings. That was extemely generous of her.

Anybody who arrived late, would have had to find their own way over there or go home. It was a very nice time and I just loved hearing the different readers. One was a young fellow from Montreal so we had a word afterwards.

Jean has a wonderful dog (pedigree dog) and he and I got along very well.

Chris drove Maureen and I right to our respective doors which was very kind of him.

Busy, busy day and I felt totally exhausted but happy that I did it all.

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