Friday, May 1, 2009

Research completed - now to the hard part

Hello Readers,

I spent yesterday afternoon at Central Library in the Special Collections Section and thoroughly enjoyed myself researching about my building and Mr. Willie Thompson.

This department is very well organized and fairly quiet and the librarian was extremely helpful to me.

I came away full of knowledge about the building but even happier about the information I found about Mr. Thompson.

Now starts the hard part, writing a poem about Mr. Thompson. I can see why the rumour started about the building being haunted now, but in my view, he said it in jest and people's over active minds have developed this thought!

From what I read, I really liked Mr. Thompson and have come to understand him better.

It was a pleasure to research this subject and in the future, I hope I will find other subjects which will interest me so I can return to Special Collections in the Library.

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