Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valemtine's Sweetheart Soiree at Whitehern

These ladies sang like angels and I just loved the fiddle music. The event was held in the stable.
The Sweet Mathilda's - dressed in period costumes.

I was a lovely evening spent with friends. Anita brought a new lady, Bebe and she was very nice. Jeff was our only male with us three ladies but he seemed happy and I am sure liked the attention!

The house tour was lovely in the evening and I chose to sit quietly and just listen. I really enjoyed that as I was able to soak in the atmosphere of the house without a lot of people around me.

I stayed downstairs on the bench and listened to Liz, the cultural interpreter, read some of the love letters that were received by members of the McQuesten family. It really was sad that, although there were suitors, none of them ever married, thus the line finished with them.

I thought back to the time when my parents were courting. They met at Young People's at church, courted for many years, then when both of them were 25, married in the church. They were married over 50 years and when my mother died, my Dad was very lonely even though he had my unmarried brother living with him. The three of them were very close as my elder brother and I had branched out early in life to make families of our own.

My Aunt and Uncle, the same. They met at church, courted for a long time, and married and were together for the rest of their long lives. I remember being told that when they were courting, my Uncle would take my Aunt out in a canoe on the Lachine Chanel.

An interesting aside here, was that my Aunt had another beau, a really nice and good man, but once she met my Uncle, this dear man did not stand a chance. He even told me that himself.

This gentleman was a second cousin to my father and he really loved my Aunt but after she married my Uncle, he eventually married another lady. It is interesting to note that both those ladies were elementary school teachers, and both had taught in one room schoolhouses.
We all lived very close to each other in Lachine and thus, as children, we had lots of family surrounding us with sharp eyed aunts or uncles and neighbours to make sure we didn't get into mischief!!!

Life, in those days, seemed to center around the church and this is how people met their mates.
It still happens today in the Young Adult Groups but now young people go off to distant universities and may meet others whose families they do not know.

Not only in the churches do young people meet, it also happens in the Mosques oversees and here in Canada. Families know families and this is how the young folk know each other.

It seems a much safer way to meet a mate, than at a bar or a dancehall, at least to me.

The evening went by very fast, a lovely sweet table, decaf coffee or tea and, the highlight of the evening, The Sweet Mathilda's, a singing group who harmonize like angels! We know Lonnie, the leader of this group, from Whitehern.

All in all, a nice time was had by all.
The girls walked me most of the way home, which I appreciated. They returned to their car. Our lone male just seemed to have disappeared at the end of the evening but I am sure he got home safely as well as he had his car with him.
All in all, a delightful evening, spent in a lovely atmosphere.

The McQuesten family were strictly brought up, in the Presbyterian tradition, and were teatottlers. I can relate very well to their way of life and I think that must be why I love going there so often. I feel "at home" there.

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RosaMaría said...

Un lugar interesane y acogedor. Me encantan las tacitas de café.
La orquesta de señoritas preciosa.
Un abrazo. Hermosas fotos.