Sunday, February 8, 2009

Retirement Dinner

My friend Kevin and Dr. Dickey
The Head Table - Dr. Dickey is the one in the middle.

On Saturday night, it was the retirement dinner of Dr. Jim Dickey at St. Paul's. It was very well attended and his whole family came from all parts of the country. The ladies of the church prepared a lovely turkey dinner with all the trimmings and apple strudel with ice cream. Of course, tea and coffee ended the meal as usual.

Three guest speakers were invited to attend and speak about him and his life work and they did a tremendous job. One of the men even composed a nice poem all about Dr. D!

It was great to see how well attended the event was and to hear all the good wishes being sent his way.

I hope that his retirement will be a good one and he will find lots of things to interest him. He is a very intelligent man, a great writer and was the Editor, for some time, of the Presbyterian Record magazine.

I particularly will miss his sense of humour!

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