Thursday, February 26, 2009

A busy day again today!

I have to do some research today on Lenten customs from the many different Christian traditions. My friend Rosie would like me to bring that into my topic for the ladies group.

I had thought of the Coptic church, the Armenian church, the Orthodox church among the few different branches as they would be very different to most of the European ladies who will be listening to the topic.

Rosie will come tomorrow and we will plan the programme for the ladies group meeting in March. I am used to doing it all, so have to try to be a team player here! Each October since arriving in Hamilton, I have done the whole spiritual side of the programme for Home Circle.

The World Day of Prayer is coming up on March 6th and this year it will be held in a Roman Catholic Church. Last year, I was the guest speaker and in spite of a threatened big storm, there was a very good turnout so I hope that there will be a good turnout this year as well. I shall be taking part in the programme but in another role.

On another note, I have been asked to do an afternoon workshop at Freeway on Creative Writing which I have accepted. It should be fun! I am already planning it mentally in my head and once the topic for the ladies group is done, I shall plan that one.

At the same time, the co-ordinator asked me to co-lead a jewellery making workshop at Freeway. I don't need to plan much for that, just show up and demonstrate. I have had three ladies tell me I should sell my work as it is beautiful.

As you can imagine, I am quite touched by their compliments. It would mean that I have to do all the government papers again in order to get my vendor's license. We'll see. I do know that you can sell up to $100.00 worth before you need to get a vendor's license, but that would not take long to do, if I were to sell.

I've done it before but for other things. I once had a flower arranging business and I would go around to ladies church groups, do a worship service, which of course, included a topic, do a demonstration on how to do flower arraangements, and sell some arrangements.

It went quite well and I had quite a few bookings but working full time, looking after children (2), animals (4) and a home, was just too much for me so I had to give it up.

It was a little bit hard, too, as I had to take a bus to get to my bookings and carrying all the necessary things I needed to do demonstrations, was quite difficult.

However, I did enjoy being with the ladies very much. I remember Deer Park United Church on Avenue Road in Toronto were particularly kind to me. The ladies paid a taxi home for me. They insisted. I shall never forget that act of kindness.

It brings back a wonderful memory of a dear lady in the congregation at Timothy Eaton United Church on St. Clair, coming up to me after the devotions and telling me how my topic had touched her heart. I was very thankful for that and it encouraged me to keep on.

I think women's writing and ministry is what I am good at - men think so very different from women and my poetry and writing reflects a woman's heart, not a man.

I think, today, I shall go to the School of Hairdressing and get a haircut. My friend Carmen likes my hair longer but it is at the stage now that it is bothering me and I cannot do anything with it!

I am so fortunate to live within walking distance of this school and the price certainly is right - $5.50 for a haircut.

Have a great day and thanks for reading my blog. Please feel free to make comments. I love to hear from people and I can understand Spanish and German, so leave your comments......

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