Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodness, does nobody have any opinions???

Does nobody except this challenge? It could be such a fun thing. I keep checking to see if there are any comments, but thus far, nobody has made one comment!

Surely, in this whole wide world, there must be one person who is not afraid to give their opinion on this subject....

Yesterday, at the dinner table with the group of friends I go out with once a month during the winter and every week during the summer, we had a very quick discussion on expectations. Our lone male with us that time, sure learned a great deal. Poor dear man will never be the same! In spite of that, when he is not working, he would like to come to our little group again.

Come on world, express yourself!!!!

Me, mourning the lack of comments on my male/female relationship blog.


kevin said...

i was surrounded by women eating chinese food! lucky me!! LOL

annaken said...

Yes, Kevin, I bet you learned more about how females think then you ever wanted to know!

It was fun, wasn't it!

RosaMarĂ­a said...

Sorry, I not know very well english, and raiting mal.