Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 4, 2017

First of all, Happy New Year to you all.  I am so sorry I have been so neglectful of this blog.  I haven't got much to say as I am more housebound than going out to places.

Of course, now that winter has arrived, with ice underfoot and snow on the ground, it does not make me feel like going out even for a walk.

I have had a major shock which affected me quite deeply.  J7ust a short while before Christmas.  The condo fees have gone up 22% and this has caused my elderly couple, whom I am renting from, to decide to sell.  I had not planned on leaving here until I either died or had to go into a nursing home.

As you can imagine, this is my home and the shock was a little bit too much for me and I slept right through one day into the next day at 4:30 p.m.  It seems I lost a full day somewhere.

That has never happened to me before.  A very odd experience and most confusing.

Obviously, I need to find a new place to live but everything is very expensive now in Hamilton.  The rents have gone up tremendously since I arrived 14 years ago.  It was quite a shock to see that.

I have two apartment buildings in mind, one of which I am more in favour of as I know three ladies that live there and they love it.  It is not directly down town as I am now, but I can still get there by bus and for groceries, I can take a taxi back or order through or go with an agency here who shops for what I want for a small fee.  All of those are good possibilities.

I am looking for a one bedroom  apartment although I really would be better off with a two bedroom as I have a lot of furniture and things.  I had that in Toronto and I loved my balcony in Toronto and used it a great deal.  I grew cherry tomatoes and mint plus, of course, pansies and other pretty flowers.

I don't know what is happening with this apartment, a young couple have put in an offer which was accepted and a house inspector came yesterday to inspect the plumbing etc. etc. etc.  It should pass with flying colours as I take very good care of this place - cleaning every day.

I had three sets of real estate people walking theitr clients through and two clients put in an offer, one far too low and the other was accepted.  It is a new experience for me to be involved in the selling of a place (limited involvement) and I spoke the truth when people asked about living here and about any problems.

I have handled showing an apartment for a friend for rental purposes several times and the same friend will be putting his unit up for sale.  I offered to help him show the place as they now live far away but owing to my health problems, he did not think it was adviseable.

Perhaps it is true.  I still am not healed from the fracture in late May in my spine and tire very easily.  Cannot stand very long, nor sit very long.  The most comfortable is to lie down on my bed on my side but even that starts to pain me so I have to switch.

I do hope and pray that I will heal .  I have come a long way but still a fair bit of time will be needed I think to get better completely.  My alternative is an operation on my spine and that is a last resort.

Thank you for dropping by and keep well.  I will try and do better on this blog.

Have a very good and health new year, cherish your family and your dear friends as that is the most important - money is nice, but is not everything as some people seem to think.

Thanks again for dropping by.

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