Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12,2017

A joke piicture taken by Dana.

Jeff is wearing a sweater under his jacket to the left, Mohamed is wearing his coat as he still felt cold from being outside.   I am in the middle which caused much joking. This way I had a better chance to hear both of the gentlemen.


Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I receive Ellen Jaffe's wonderful book called "Writing Your Way"

 I am hoping this book will get me back into writing as for the last year I have been stuck, mostly due to health problems.  I need something to light a spark in me and hopefully Ellen's lovely book will help me.

Let alone I see a lady that I have not seen for a long time due to my being more or less housebound for months and months, but the afternoon was just a delightful time spent with two gentlemen friends of mine.

It was absolutely delightful to have them both as guests at my wonderful club.

We chatted about many subjects including politics and religion but we didn't come to blows fortunately, joke, joke.

As usual, the club's staff were wonderful and Dana, a new lady who is on the wait staff, took some pictures for me of the three of us in the Den where we had the tea.

I waited with both of the gentlemen for their respective buses to get them home.

It was a very wonderful time and I hope some day we will do it again.

Thanks for dropping by.


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