Monday, January 16, 2017

January 17th and a real dull looking day outside

I was up about 3 a.m. today and stayed up, then crashed again about 6  I think.  Slept again till 10:30 then had my coffee and started to continue downsizing.  Today I am working on Christmas Decorations and they were all spread over the sofa.  Many are going to the Salvation Army but I will still keep about three small blue boxes full plus a miniature tree all decorated.

My son came to set up Roko for me last night.  I am slowly getting the hang of it. It is more like working a computer than a cable programme.  I just hope I can find many of my favourite old shows though.

It is much cheaper and I only watch a little t.v. so it is not worth keeping the cable.

When he has time, he is going to install a British comedy and dramas  but I need to pay for it but it is very inexpensive.  I cannot remember how much but much cheaper than cable.Roko is free most of the programmes.

Now onto other news. My friend Jeff took me to Van Wagner\s Beach in Stoney Creek on Sunday afternoon.  We had a lovely walk although it was very cold.  It was great to be there again. I have been several times with Jennifer but only in the summer so it was nice to see the water and the area in the winter time.

We stopped in at Hutch's for coffee just to warm up.  He was kind enough to drive me to see a Seniors rental building near him.  It was nice.  I have put my name in there for market rent but there is a 4 year waiting period.  I may not even live that long!

Since we were in his neighbourhood, we went to his place to pick up Leadbelly the cat so I could finally meet him.  A beautiful looking cat.  He did not hiss at me, allowed me to pat him after sniffing my hand, nor did he bite.  He seems to like the ladies, joke, joke. I only patted him through the car window but he did not seem to be threatened by me.

I was glad to see him finally after hearing about him.

All in all, a very enjoyable Sunday.
Jeff - smiling

me - with a crooked smile

From the coffee shop window - note the barrenness

A different shot

Thanks for dropping by.

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