Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

Sorry for not writing something earlier but my mind is not at ease with all this business of moving, or not moving.

On top of it all, I have caught a really bad bug and thus far today, I have had to wash sheets and clothing three times in the machine.

I am not settled in my mind about my future place of abode.  I would have prefered to stay here but  I have requested a phone call from the new owners but have not received it.

I know that the message has been passed on to them and wonder why they have not called.

I have advised the former owner's agent that I require a year's lease the first year.  It is safer for me.

Otherwise, in two months notice, they can kick me out and I have to go.  Same for me also, I could give two months notice and leave.

However, in my old age this is not good for my well being and health and it is definitely affecting me not knowing    I have two places I can go to, One I like much better but the other would be a better choice economicaly.  It is a seniors building with activities and the apartments are smaller than I have here but clean with lots of cupboard space.  The building is kept clean as well as I could see, and I did look around closely!

Both are open and available at this moment.  Don't know for how much longer though.

So as you see, there is a few things on my mind right now and I hope to say soon they will be settled one way or the other.

On on one other note, which may interest you, my son put Roku on my t.v. and then downloaded a British drama, comedies station onto it.  The cost per month is not bad - I think it is $6.00.

So far, I have enjoyed it.  In the winter I don't get around much due to ice underfoot and I need something to keep me engaged in living,joke, joke.

I just need to move forward not stagnate waiting for others to decide my fate.  I am almost ready to give in my notice to the young people and move - we'll have to see what the answer is from them on a one year lease.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a good day and hope you don't catch the bug that is going around.

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