Tuesday, May 31, 2016


We'll call him Mr. Tinfoil.  I now doubt that he used his real name but that name will do nicely.

Why do I say that?  I met a con artist on a seniors dating site.  Of course, I did not know he was a con artist but found out fortunately before it was too late.

This "person" was talking marriage and commitment and a future together.  He claimed to be a Roman Catholic Christian.  Talked about God and things that would interest me in a future mate.

We did have a lot in common.

This is written specifically to warn older women of a con artist.  I found out about him today and am thankful that I have.

I met him through a Seniors Dating site and since I had only planned to stay for a month, I agree that we could use our emails instead of the dating site.

After a two month or thereabouts relationship via internet and personal emails and phone calls, he told me he was going to Egypt on business.  He is supposedly 68 years of age, tall - 6 ft, neatly dressed and very thin and a business man.  I will tell you the name he used - FOYAL CARTER and will show you the pictures he sent to another one of his victims.

He suggested that we correspond via email first and ask each other questions and find out how compatible we would be before he would come here to meet me and my family.  I thought that was a good plan actually and we corresponded almost every day.

I grew fond of him as he certainly knew how to talk with a woman.  I did notice though that although he said he was an educated man brought up in the States, his English was not too good.  He had a lot of words but sometimes they were not written the correct way.

I suggested we talk on Skype several times as we only had pictures of each other.  I prefer to look a person in the eyes and see who they are that way, rather than a picture only.

He never agreed to that, which should have warned me even further.  He said he was new on the internet dating site. I found out that he met this other girl the same way and they started to correspond in March.  We read each other some of the letters and man, this guy sure is not original, almost word for word.  Probably filled in the blanks and sent it.

To make a very long story short, he said he was in Egypt and had run into trouble, being robbed and mugged and taken to the hospital.  Naturally, I was concerned as he called me as well from there.

He owed the hotel where he was staying $7,000 American dollars and the taxi man who acted as his chauffeur $3,000 American.

I talked to my friend Mohamed who also is from Egypt and he felt very uncomfortable about this fellow.  He is a real good friend and cares for my welfare.  As soon as I told him that this fellow was asking for help, red flags went up for him as it did for me.

I thought that I might send a few dollars - less than $200 just for pocket money until he could sort out his problems but happily I did not have the computer skills to do so.  Mohamed was going to ask his son to go there and try and help him deal with the very different legal system there.  My friend was  going to call the hotel where the man said he was staying and ask for him as well.

Since I couldn't manage to send that money by the internet, I told "Mr.Tinfoil" that I couldn't do it so he sent his "cousin's" banking information which is right here in Ontario.  Happily I sent her an email first and found out that Mr. Tinfoil had talked marriage with her and sent many letters and had bilked her out of thousands of dollars.

As you can imagine, this man is toast as far as both of us are concerned.  We both have reported him to our local police fraud squads as well.  I also have reported him to his AOL provider and to the Seniors Dating site.

His picture looked so kind and nice but probably that is not even him.  He claimed to be a Roman Catholic Christian.  I don't think he should mess with God myself - a big mistake.

My friend Mohamed has advised me to hang up on him, print off his emails asking for money and give them to the police which I will do.

Another lesson in life learned.  I thank God to have learned it in such a short period of time without loss of money.

Ladies beware - that is all I can say.  If it looks or sounds too good, it probably is.

I hope the police can trace him and get that lady's money back.

It will be a pleasure to hang up on him if he calls again and also to put him right out of my mind.  I tried to paste the pictures of the other lady's con man but for some reason I cannot.

Perhaps tomorrow I will try again.  He has used the same name for both of us but sent different pictures.

Thanks for dropping by.

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