Thursday, May 5, 2016

I haven't written much lately

Some very good news though.  I just received notification that one of my poems has been chosen to be included in Tower Poetry's Book.

That is nice.  My friend Jennifer reminded me to submit something and I did it on the last day but really did not have any expectation of being included in the book.

There will be a book launch at McNab Presbyterian Church on June 12th from 2-4 p.m.  As you may know, Tower Poetry Society is the oldest poetry society in North America.

This year I can go as our church picnic is the week before.

I hate to miss anything!

I haven't done many things lately, basically stayed home and worked on paper work.  Tonight I will go to Martini Night (I don't drink) but that is what it is called.  There is live jazz music (Henry Strong) and I sit with two different groups of friends.

My cat Gemma is working out very well.  She has settled in very nicely and seems to have trusted me totally which makes me happy.  I will post a picture or two of this fine little girl cat so you can see what she looks like.

I have had some interesting developments in the romance department but that is another story.......

It just proves that age is a number and that compatibility and understanding is important for a relationship between the two sexes.

Here are some pictures of Gemma, the new addition to my little family.

She is is proving to be a gentle little soul and a good addition to the family.  Obviously, I still miss Boots terribly as he lived with me for 17 years of his 20 years of life.  Gemma was adopted from the SPCA.  I always adopt from shelters to give the animals a chance.
Little Miss Gemma hiding on my bureau
Gemma settling in

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