Sunday, May 29, 2016

A wonderful Event yesterday

My friend Sarah and I went together to the Down town Mosque and we really enjoyed our time there.  We chatted with lots of ladies, watched the children having a ball, watched the little ones on ponies trotting along and the many kiddie events they planned.

They even had tug of war which the children loved. I was so happy to see families together enjoying the event.

 Of course, there were vendors there selling food, clothing, jewellery, a natural pain remedy and so many other things.

We got there around 3:30 or so and stayed till after 7.

Then the excitement happened, Sarah and I were walking to get the bus.  It was a gravel road and I did not see the raised section and my walker and I went flying  but without the benefit of wings!

Down I went on both knees and my poor elbow and it stunned me for a few minutes.  Two Somali men came running when they saw what happened as well as a Chinese lady.  They were so wonderful!

They wanted to call an ambulance as I was bleeding a lot and in quite a bit of pain, but all I wanted was to go home.  Fortunately they both were strong (being quite young) and managed to get me to my feet.  I was so touched by their gentleness and kindness to me.

I thanked them profoundly and Sarah and I took the Number 8 bus home.  It was a little difficult to walk but I am stubborn and we carried on!

Our driver was very nice as well.  He could see the state I was in as I was in rather a mess.  On our way out of his bus, he wished me well.  How very kind.

There is so much goodness in people - just the kindness shown at the mosque, the general acceptance of people they don't know well, the excitement of the children, the good will all around.  It warms my heart.  I feel so "at home" in the Mosque, Church or Synagogue.

In any event, once I was home, I washed the wounds with soap and water and then put hydrogen peroxide on all of them.

The pain was pretty bad and I was thankful to have some strong pain pills pills available.  They helped so much and also  putting ice packs on both knees is bringing the swelling down.

I just did not want to spend hours and hours in emergency.  I don't think anything is broken or otherwise I could not have walked even a little.

Glad to say that I slept with the help of the sleeping aid and pain pills and although there is some pain, I think in a few days time, I will be fine.  I will wait to see my family doctor on the third of June.

Thanks for dropping by.

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