Saturday, May 7, 2016

A wonderful day!

It was the Tea and Plant sale today at St. John's Lutheran.  My job is to pour coffee.  Rosie and I take turns doing this so we both get a break.  I took the later shift as I am not a morning person now.

The tea was in full swing when I got there at 11 and I immediately took over my duties as the coffee/tea lady.  This year it was a little different.  Coffee for a bottomless cup was $1.00 and for the Chicken Schnitzel on a bun it was $5.50.  The fantastic German baking was extra if you wished to purchase a slice of cake.  The top price for a piece of cake was $3.50 and it was for a very large piece.

Normally coffee and the meal are together but owing to prices going up in the grocery stores, they needed to charge for the coffee this time.

Nobody complained and people still bought food and drink plus the lovely desserts. The weather outside was fantastic and as a result, I think, not so many people came out as last year.

It still went very well though.

Only two of my friends from outside came, they came at 10 when it opened and then left and came back for lunch.  In the meantime, they went to St Paul's rummage sale and had a ball there!

I took my lunch break with them which was lovely as we had lots to chat about.

My friend Rosie dropped me off in front of my building and this saved me taking the bus home.

All in all, a really good event.   Tomorrow, another good event - Jeff's concert. My friend Anita will meet me at the bus stop out her way and we will go together into the church.  Jeff will drive me home after the reception.  I am glad that Jeff is enjoying his singing group as he has a lovely voice and can contribute well to a group of singers.

All in all, a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for dropping by.

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