Sunday, June 5, 2016

One week after the fall

Instead of feeling better, I am feeling worse.  Even heavy drugs from the doctor are not helping the intense pain in my back.  I cannot seem to keep anything down and I cannot seem to eat anything except a bananas.  That stays down fortunately.

Sami, my dear pharmacist, came over with some gravol to help with the situation.  What a good young man he is.  He had called me to see how I was doing after the doctor's meds and I told him not well.

So many good people who are lending a hand.  Jennifer and John, Cathy upstairs, Vince beside me, Pastor Dani, my dear friend Asma who wants me to stay with her for a month and she will help me.  I cannot go as  all my medical help is here now.

I appreciate every kind action.  A soft tissue injury takes time and I guess time is what I have plenty of

I guess it is my time for learning more patience.  

My wish for you, dear reader is good health.  Cherish your good friends and the fact that God is an ever presence help in good times as well as bad times.

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