Friday, November 21, 2014

Yesterday was a tiring day for me

Due to the deterioration of our locker room itself from a flood and years of just "being", all lockers had to be cleared out and put into another area of the building.

I decided to do it the first official day.  There were four dates mentioned.  I am glad that I did it  the first day as there were only two people who came down when I was there.  I would imagine that the last date will be so crowded with people that it will be a madhouse.  All our things will be in the new storage area for a minimum of two months and it is at our own risk as there are no lockers in there..

In spite of the dirt, mess and daunting task, I marched down there and started taking things out of my locker.  Most of my things were in big black garbage bags or sturdy rubbermaid boxes so they were easy to go through.

I found many treasures I had forgotten about!  It was almost like Christmas!

I had stored many empty boxes there just in case things broke down but after 12 years I was able to get rid of them.  That left it much easier for me to manage.

The mess from the ceiling was unbelievable!  Everything I brought upstairs had to be thorough washed which I will do over the next day or so.

In any event, near the end of my time in the basement, a friend helped me to carry some of the things into the new storage area.  I was exhausted by that time so I was most grateful for my friend's help.

Now starts the fun of trying to figure out where to put my most precious things that I just could not leave down there without the benefit of a lock and separate storage unit.

I took a break from my tutoring job for that day and from the club as I knew it would be exhausting work and that I would need to rest.

I did manage to make bean roll-ups for the party and only need to make one more batch and then everything is ready and I can relax.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

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