Monday, November 24, 2014

Carmen and Wilma's party Nov. 23,2014

The weather was fine, no rain, no snow and no ice under foot.  Carmen arrived here about 10:30 and both she and Wally unloaded her Mary Kay things.

I had already taken more than half of my things downstairs and cleaned the counters where her products and the food would go.

We had 12 people show up, plus the two of us ,so happily we had prepared enough food and there was a little left over.

The coffee and tea went over well plus people ate to their fill.  It was a very nice afternoon.

My co-hostess Carmen

A cozy scene in our party room

This gorgeous Swarovski set was sold

Mary Kay products by Carmen

Mary Kay products - which Carmen sells

Our food we provided

A display on one side of the counter of the food we provided

Some people did not know each other but everybody mixed well.

Both Carmen and I were pleased with our sales and it is hoped that our guests enjoyed themselves.

A nice way to pass a cold day, inside where it is cozy!

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a good day.

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