Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Sunday with snow

It has been falling steadily. As I look out my window, the tempting smell wafting out  of my kitchen drifts past my nose and I lick my lips in anticipation of testing one to make sure they are suitable for the upcoming party next Sunday.  I am glad to be indoors as the snow drifts past my window.

This weekend has been very busy with St. John's Bazaar yesterday where I always pour coffee and tea and then today, the 181st Anniversary of St. Paul's.

Both events were nice. At Saturday's bazaar I was very tired as jumping up and down serving coffee continuously for more than 121 people tends to tire me out.  It is a bottomless cup for $1.00 which is the best price in town!  People were enjoying that benefit three and four times!

The meal was chicken schnitzel, hot German potato salad and a bun.  There also were so many fantastic tortes  (cakes) to choose from.  The prices were extremely reasonable and the food out of this world.  The church hall was packed and they started serving the lunch about 11 a.m.  There were more people than normal who came out and they ran out of schnitzel. Several of my friends who had planned to come, were unable to at the last moment but two people did and I was glad to see them.

Available for sale were many beautiful hand crafted items, scarves, knitted hats, mittens and some lovely crocheted blankets.  The cake table was overflowing with some very fancy cakes and home made breads.

I came home from there tired but happy for a very successful bazaar.

Today, Sunday was the 181st anniversary of the founding of St. Paul's as well as the farewell for two long time members who have served the church so faithfully for many, many years.  They are moving to another province.

The meal (free will offering) was cabbage rolls, sausage with yellow peppers  and bread buns.  For desert there were two store bought cakes, one to honour the anniversary and one to honour the departing members.

All in all, a very lovely day spent with nice people.

Thanks for dropping by.

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