Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Noise

Edith Piaff, a now deceased famous French singer, is making me feel as if I were momentarily in France, enjoying the culture, language and sights and sounds of the country.  Her history is very interesting.  Google it for more information on her.

My "mini-trip" to France is cut short by a howling sound which makes the goosebumps stand up on my arms.

The day outside is grey and dull plus I would assume chilly.  The wind, which has created the howling noise way up here, seems to be quite brisk.  There are two things I could be doing out of the house, but today I decided to treat myself to a day of doing nothing but read and vegetate.

I find the weather (lack of sun) affects me.  I tend to be full of energy when the sun is bright and sunny, but lack the energy to do much constructive during the dull days.

Ah well, I have another reserved book at the library to pick up eventually and am in the midst of reading a good one right now - also from the library.

Have a good day.

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