Saturday, March 3, 2012


I have been rather busy finishing up the editing of the book and have not done much on my personal blog at all.  I am happy to say it has now been sent off to the author and she is delighted with the results.

My son arrived back in Canada after a seven and a half month's absence on Sunday.  He came to see me on Monday afternoon.  He looked very well and even though he must have still been very tired from such a long flight, he managed to help me with my computer.  What a great guy he is!

He changed my machine back into Internet Explorer from Chrome Google.  I am so glad to be back to Explorer as I can use Word for Windows instead of Google Documents.

He was even able to fix the huge lettering in Explorer so that I could use it properly.  That was the original reason I had to leave Internet Explorer as the lettering had gone into letters the size of the top line of an optometrist's chart which wasn't suitable. 

We had a lovely visit.  He started his new job on March 1st  which is in the Oakville area , about a half hour drive from Hamilton when he needs to go into the office for meetings. 

In the meantime, this week I saw the specialist for my skin (dermatologist).  He knew right away what I had and has prescribed two different types of treatments to help the situation.  They are working but they sure are time consuming.

One is a wet solution.  It is the most tricky one to apply as the cloth must be soaked in the special solution, then applied to the affected areas.  This needs to be repeated 3 times a day.

The next step is to put a very powerful cream on the affected areas after they are dry.. 

I am delighted to say that these two procedures are helping me a great deal.  The specialist has told me that it will be a very long time before all the redness is gone from the skin.  According to my research, it is a chronic condition brought on by stress and a weak imune system.

The programme I was using to edit the book was not of my choice and caused me much grief.  My son still thinks that Chrome Google is the best but I am so thankful to be back into Internet Explorer again.

He dropped in again yesterday night and brought me this cute little key rack.  He tells me that it is a typical looking house in Chile.  I really like it as it is practical and well made.  

A typical looking Chilean home

On another note, it was the World Day of Prayer yesterday and, as usual, I took part in it as I am on the organizing committee for the downtown churches.  The programme this year was written by the women of Malaysia. 

Next year, it will be written by the women of France so that should be very interesting as well.

As is usual, all the churches had contributed sandwiches, sweets, fruits and vegetable trays so there was more than enough food available for those who cared to come downstairs to the church hall.

What is left over, usually is given to the shelters.  It is not wasted.

I made a trip to Arts Hamilton to pick up my jewellery as they are no longer going to have a space for artists to display their work in the new location.  It is a pity really, as it was a good location.  All books, paintings, jewellery, pottery have to be picked up before the end of March when they move to Wilson and James N.

I sure hope it is accessible where they are moving to. 

Other than that, there really isn't much going on.  I think people are getting fed up with the winter and are beginning to long for the spring.  I was talking to my friend Trudy by Skype last night, and Montreal has had three snow storms in the last week so they have plenty of snow.  We have none here.

Thanks for dropping by and come again when you have the time.

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