Thursday, March 8, 2012

Second Chances

I went to see the specialist in the morning, had to wait two hours which was a little much.  However, when the time came for me to see him, my bad impression of him changed.  He was no longer a grumpy old man but said hello and the conversation progressed into a more cordial tone as it went along.

I think he was just tired out the first visit I saw him.  I know when I am tired, the grouch inside me comes out loud and clear and heaven help any poor soul near me at the time.

I am pleased to say that on my second visit, we have established cordial relations.   First impressions are not always right - I am delighted to find that I was wrong.

Due to the long wait and the long walk up to King Street, I just made it home a little before 2 p.m.. My guest was coming at 2:15 and I needed to change. 

She was lucky enough to find a parking spot downstairs so we did not have to wind our way up to the roof.

We went to the club and unfortunately somebody else had the Den but the staff had a good idea.  In the main room where the fireplace is, they pulled the two high back chairs beside the fire, put a table between the two chairs and we had a lovely spot.  We were both pleased.  Michael, the Chef, had made the cheese cake with Splenda, at my request, and it tasted just the same as it would have  if it had been baked with sugar.

We enjoyed it to the fullest.

About 5 p.m. we left the club and Stella went home.  Ken and Jody came about 5:15 and rang the bell and we walked over to enjoy pasta night.

As usual, there were three choices of pasta, all good. I think my son liked the salmon one the best.  I liked them all, and had just a little bit of each. There was also garlic bread which we all enjoyed.   For desert, there were two choices, one was sorbet and the other was chocolate pudding with whipped cream.  For those who know me, they can guess which one I had!

It was a lovely experience and Ken looked very elegant in his black suit jacket and as usual, Jody looked great.  She had on a very pretty top.

All in all, a lovely day for me with people I care for, good company and a new and better relationship with the specialist.  What more can a gal ask for?

Thanks for dropping in and come again when you like.

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