Monday, March 26, 2012

I treated myself to lunch at the club

It was quiet and restful today and I met a new lady called Gloria who served me.  I always bring things home in a doggy bag as I cannot eat much at a time, so lunch will do me for supper as well!

I had a lovely Reuben sandwich with potato salad as well as potato chips.  I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee as well.  It was delicious.

I decided to sit and read the paper in the front room for a while today and continue on with relaxation.

It was a great idea and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the club.

I took back my library book and the librarian helped me find two more good books as well so have reading to do for the next three weeks.

What a delight that will be to lose myself in a good book.  I have always loved reading since I was very young and first learned to read.

Have a great day and come back again some time if you are free.

Thanks for reading the blog.

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