Sunday, March 25, 2012

A nice afternoon

It was a lovely lunch with soup made by Mimi, bread and a cupcake decorated in Green.  All for St. Patrick's Day.  The Events Commitee sold 56 tickets at $10.00 a ticket.  Betty had made a beautiful  crocheted shawl in a creamy colour and they sold tickets at $2.00 a piece for that.  I bought a ticket but I certainly don't need another shawl.  I have so many now. I was glad that somebody else won it.

I have shawls and large scarves from Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, Malaysia and Palestine and that is all I can think of for the moment.  Many of them were gifts and I love each one of them.  I remember the giver or if I have bought it in my travels, where I bought it.

Some people collect stamps, I collect scarves, handbags and shawls!

I made my first visit to Princess Point this afternoon.  The weather had turned warm and sunny so I decided to go to be near the water and nature.

It was a very good decision to make.  I had a wonderful afternoon.  I found another section which was wilder then the paved area and since there were lots of people around I decided to keep on going, resting when I found a log to sit on, then carryng on.  I saw people fishing, people walking dogs, a group of women with a young Mom pushing a baby stroller on the rough terrain, and above all, I saw lots of happy dogs sniffing about and enjoying their freedom from paved sidewalks.

This is the side where it is more wild

I saw many trees looking like this - very interesting to see.

Canada Geese

It was nice to see the Geese about althought they make a terrible mess and one has to watch where one walks.  I love the sound they make.  Last year, in the Spring, I saw a little family together. I was hoping to see another family group but it might have been too early.

They have a peculiar sound to them when they call out and one always knows when they are near.  I saw a silly sheepdog chasing a bunch of these fellows when I was sitting on the one picnic table.  Silly old dog thought it was his duty to spoil their day!  In actuality, it was good exercise for the dog and gave a little excitement to these geese.  I got quite a kick out of watching the dog and the geese. It was a game really. It reminded me of the small children who chase the pidgeons in Gore Park. They don't have a chance to catch them but they still do it anyway.

Two fisherman at the beginning of the park before the wilder section

I suspect it must be just to do something because the fish they may catch in there would not be edible as the water is polluted from what I understand.  It truly is a pity, as there are so many people in Hamilton who live below the poverty line who could fish to catch their supper and get much needed nourishment this way. 

I walked up the little hill past the little fishing spot and a whole new world opened up to me.

Another interesting tree
I saw many branches down, trees with their limbs hurt, tree buds starting to open and the sign of new life starting to come up. 

The beginning of life after a long winter - aren't they gorgeous?
As I continued my solitary walk, I marvelled at the beauty that was unfolding before my eyes.  Although most of the ground was covered by dead brush, little sprouts of greenery were poking their heads up in anticipation of showing their beauty to the world.

More fishermen - enjoying the afternoon

Note the bird's nest in the branches

I liked the look of these trees standing at attention

I have to say that it was a beautiful and restful afternoon.  I loved the breeze blowing off the lake and the friendliness of the people I met.  Princess Point is one of the many hidden treasures of Hamilton, Ontario and one I treasure very much.  Thanks for dropping by and come back again some other time.

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