Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's a Wonderful World

 I hope this will open for you.  It was sent to me by a lady I know in Florida and it really touched me.  Just beautiful.

An update

On Sunday I was not too well but gradually felt better in the afternoon.  I went out to the mall to take some library books back on Monday morning and returned shortly after as I again felt light headed.

I don't know what is going on, but i woke up this morning with my lips all swollen and I was scratching my hands last night very deeply.  I don't feel light headed now thank goodness!

Perhaps there is some funny bug going around?  I think I will lay low for awhile.  It was even difficult to drink my coffee this morning as I cannot feel my lips.  Fortunately I have a lot of books to read and I have taken back the DVD's to the library yesterday.

DVD's can only be borrowed for a week and there is a fine if they are returned late.  I am glad they are back now and I can relax.

Thanks for dropping by.  "This too shall pass" as my friend Laura used to say and of course, she was right - everything passes in time.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not feeling up to par today

I woke up feeling fine but have had a feeling of light headedness most of the day.

Taking a break and just doing a little light housework but not much else until I feel better.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Some excitement I can do without today!

I got a call from my next door neighbour at about 2 p.m. today asking me if I was expecting anybody at my door.  I said no and asked him why.

It turns out that there was a woman standing outside my door for about 5 minutes.  He did not hear her knocking, she was just standing there.   When he went up to her, he asked her who she was visiting and she did not answered and ran away down the hall and down to the next floor. At that point, she pushed the elevator button but when it arrived, she did not get in but ran down some more stairs.

At the present moment, she is somewhere in the building and the police have been called.  That was almost two  hours ago and I guess this is definitely not a high priority call.

By the description, I think I know who the lady is and I called COAST as they deal with mental health issues.

My concern is for her as she is not very stable right now.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A flower alone

This morning, one of the flowers from the bulb fell off from the mother plant.  I decided to allow it to shine on its own and took several pictures.

I made a shadowbox a few years back to photograph my hand crafted jewellery.The led lights bring out the shine.  Doesn't the flower look wonderful like this?  My daughter made me the yellow crocheted seat cover years ago and I cherish it.

Ah, the curious one called Boots, even at age 19, has to know what is going on!

Simple, yet effective - sitting on top of a container of dates

Silver tea set is made even more beautiful with this flower

In some ways, this plant reminds me of life.  The plant grows slowly and steadily, blossoming into a sturdy stock.  When one of the flowers fall off, the plant still keeps on keeping on, in spite of its loss.  The fallen flower has its brief moment in the sun, so to speak, but eventually will curl up and die without the nourishing of the mother plant.

Doesn't this show how important the mother plant is in giving nourishment and in the case of humans, love and devotion to its offspring?  Such a huge responsibility being a mother and of course, a father.

Here is as picture of the mother plant after the flower fell off.
Mother plant after the loss of one flower

Side view - still thriving and strong
Life is like that in so many ways.  In living, we also must overcome the negative and sad events in our lives and carry on just like this gorgeous plant is.

On that note, have a good day and enjoy the sunshine which is peeking out here in Hamilton, Ontario.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gage Park Spring Flower Show

My friend Jennifer suggested we take in this wonderful event which is put on by the City of Hamilton.  I have been privileged to go several times over the years and each year I really enjoy going.

It was a cold day but the sun was shining brightly and the greenhouse was quite full when we arrived a little after 2 p.m.  All ages were there, from families with young children to elderly people.

Pink blossoms - very lovely

Turtles and gold fish in the indoor pond

Loved the multitude of colours 

Observe the dragon's head made of sod

Yellow -  multiple flowers on one stock it seems

A tree stump within the flower arrangements - I love trees
It was great being there and we saw so many New Canadians with their families enjoying this free event. A nice Malaysian gentleman offered to take Jennifer's and my picture with my camera which was very kind of him.

Jennifer right side, me, left side

Me, taken by Jennifer

What a grand time we had.  Jennifer had already been there once but she also enjoyed it the second time around. People were so friendly there and smiles were seen everywhere!   It was so delightful to see families taking pictures, I particularly loved that.  There was a young family there that I really enjoyed observing.  It was such a pleasure to watch them enjoying the event and their own family get together.

Norfolk Pine  - I used to have one of them and decorated it for Christmas.

Observe the dragon in the background - metal exhibition

A little pond and metal ship - gold fish and turtles in this pond

Adorable sod dragon's head with cactus type of plants growing on top of it.

Scary dragon?  I think not - actually quite a loveable one!
We must have spent several hours there and the time just zoomed by.  It was very hot in the greenhouse so we went into the cooler part and took our coats off.

A  friendly green parrot watching us as we watched him!

A charming wooden hut near the castle on the other side of the exhibition. 

An artistic metal dragon eyeing the flowers

Could this be the horse of the knight who lives in the castle behind him?

Or perhaps he's waiting for the lady of the castle to take her where she needs to journey?

Enter if you dare - could the dragon be hiding behind this door?

Could this be the playmate of the dragon who lurks in the greenhouse?

A lady's dress on display

Pals enjoying a fantastic visit to the Greenhouse at Gage Park
I seem to have reached the limit of pictures allowed right now so will close this visit to the wonderful greenhouse.  After that, we drove to Pier 8 and walked around for a short while then went into Williams Coffee Pub for hot chocolate for me and coffee for her.  All in all, a really delightful afternoon.  I took some pictures of the ice sail boats which turned out quite well and of the people skating on the rink at Pier 8.  A wonderful afternoon spent with a good friend.

Thanks for dropping by.

Spring-like flowers to bring on the Spring!

The sun is shining brightly outside my window and for the last two days I have done Spring cleaning.  Yesterday I did a design of flowers in my golden tea pot and I think it looks wonderful!  It is not possible to drink out of this teapot any more due to the fact that the lining has worn out inside.  The outside is fabulous though.

Morning Glory flowers with my golden teapot and crocheted pink doily I made years ago

In my opinion, it adds so much warmth to the little coffee table and brings a smile to my face each time I sit down on my big comfy chair to read or watch t.v.

I also am polishing my silverware which is a very time consuming job but the results are fabulous, with everything brightly shining like the morning stars.

Here is the result of some more designing with flowers and things I have on hand.

AFor my bedroom -  what a joy to wake up and see bright and happy flowers peering at me as if in welcome.

Carnations in a base which used to be filled with red roses from the Gala event I was invited to at my club.  
I've had these tiny flowers for years as well as an extra little pail and I thought it looked nice together.

This gorgeous blossom is from a friend at Christmas.  It started out as a bulb and it was fascinating to see it grow.  

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you have enjoyed my creative ideas.  My wonderful plants are also thriving and it is like a jungle in the sitting room where they all live.

Friday, March 7, 2014

World Day of Prayer

The first Friday of March is always the World Day of Prayer.  It was started by the wife of a Presbyterian minister in the United States in 1887 and has continued world wide since that time.

Each year the programme is written by the women of a country.  The year I was the guest speaker, it was written by the women of Guyana and I was fortunate enough to know some Guyanese people to interview them.In 2006, there was a call for a huge snow storm but fortunately, it held off until after the service was finished and people were safely home. There were 80 people there in spite of the threat which was good.  This year, we were very fortunate as it was a bright and sunny day and moderately warm compared to what we have endured this long winter.

The women of Egypt wrote the programme.  I am part of the organizing committee for this event and the church who is responsible to run it picks the speaker.  McNab Presbyterian church was the host this year and each church that participates brings two platters of sandwiches and sweets.   There is always plenty to eat!

This year it was a young Muslim woman from Egypt who was invited to speak.  She and her mother-in-law brought many items to put on display from Egypt and people seemed to enjoy seeing them.

Her mother-in-law also wore a beautiful gown with a lovely shawl and bag which was matching and modelled it before the congregation.

The service went well and people came downstairs for refreshments.  I had invited my friend Mohammad as it was his country that was featured this year and he seemed to enjoy it.

My friend Jennifer and her friend John, Mohammad and I all ate together downstairs and chatted.

All in all, a lovely event.

Thanks for dropping by.

Cooking With Oma - Chicken Paprikash.mov

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A delightful way to spend a Saturday night

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and at the same watch the Cirque de la Symphonie.  It was a combined effort.

The conductor was Karina Canellakis and the acrobats were Alexander Streltsov, Christine Van Loo, Vladimir Sarkov,Elea Tsarkova and Vitalii Buza.

As is usual, the orchestra did a wonderful job and the combination of music and circus performers was unbelievable.  My heart was in my mouth several times as I viewed the acrobats do their daring acts. They did not have any nets underneath them at any point that I could see.

The audience was very attentive and Hamilton Place was jam packed with no more tickets available.

All in all, a wonderful concert and performance.

Thanks for dropping by.