Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gage Park Spring Flower Show

My friend Jennifer suggested we take in this wonderful event which is put on by the City of Hamilton.  I have been privileged to go several times over the years and each year I really enjoy going.

It was a cold day but the sun was shining brightly and the greenhouse was quite full when we arrived a little after 2 p.m.  All ages were there, from families with young children to elderly people.

Pink blossoms - very lovely

Turtles and gold fish in the indoor pond

Loved the multitude of colours 

Observe the dragon's head made of sod

Yellow -  multiple flowers on one stock it seems

A tree stump within the flower arrangements - I love trees
It was great being there and we saw so many New Canadians with their families enjoying this free event. A nice Malaysian gentleman offered to take Jennifer's and my picture with my camera which was very kind of him.

Jennifer right side, me, left side

Me, taken by Jennifer

What a grand time we had.  Jennifer had already been there once but she also enjoyed it the second time around. People were so friendly there and smiles were seen everywhere!   It was so delightful to see families taking pictures, I particularly loved that.  There was a young family there that I really enjoyed observing.  It was such a pleasure to watch them enjoying the event and their own family get together.

Norfolk Pine  - I used to have one of them and decorated it for Christmas.

Observe the dragon in the background - metal exhibition

A little pond and metal ship - gold fish and turtles in this pond

Adorable sod dragon's head with cactus type of plants growing on top of it.

Scary dragon?  I think not - actually quite a loveable one!
We must have spent several hours there and the time just zoomed by.  It was very hot in the greenhouse so we went into the cooler part and took our coats off.

A  friendly green parrot watching us as we watched him!

A charming wooden hut near the castle on the other side of the exhibition. 

An artistic metal dragon eyeing the flowers

Could this be the horse of the knight who lives in the castle behind him?

Or perhaps he's waiting for the lady of the castle to take her where she needs to journey?

Enter if you dare - could the dragon be hiding behind this door?

Could this be the playmate of the dragon who lurks in the greenhouse?

A lady's dress on display

Pals enjoying a fantastic visit to the Greenhouse at Gage Park
I seem to have reached the limit of pictures allowed right now so will close this visit to the wonderful greenhouse.  After that, we drove to Pier 8 and walked around for a short while then went into Williams Coffee Pub for hot chocolate for me and coffee for her.  All in all, a really delightful afternoon.  I took some pictures of the ice sail boats which turned out quite well and of the people skating on the rink at Pier 8.  A wonderful afternoon spent with a good friend.

Thanks for dropping by.

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