Friday, March 7, 2014

World Day of Prayer

The first Friday of March is always the World Day of Prayer.  It was started by the wife of a Presbyterian minister in the United States in 1887 and has continued world wide since that time.

Each year the programme is written by the women of a country.  The year I was the guest speaker, it was written by the women of Guyana and I was fortunate enough to know some Guyanese people to interview them.In 2006, there was a call for a huge snow storm but fortunately, it held off until after the service was finished and people were safely home. There were 80 people there in spite of the threat which was good.  This year, we were very fortunate as it was a bright and sunny day and moderately warm compared to what we have endured this long winter.

The women of Egypt wrote the programme.  I am part of the organizing committee for this event and the church who is responsible to run it picks the speaker.  McNab Presbyterian church was the host this year and each church that participates brings two platters of sandwiches and sweets.   There is always plenty to eat!

This year it was a young Muslim woman from Egypt who was invited to speak.  She and her mother-in-law brought many items to put on display from Egypt and people seemed to enjoy seeing them.

Her mother-in-law also wore a beautiful gown with a lovely shawl and bag which was matching and modelled it before the congregation.

The service went well and people came downstairs for refreshments.  I had invited my friend Mohammad as it was his country that was featured this year and he seemed to enjoy it.

My friend Jennifer and her friend John, Mohammad and I all ate together downstairs and chatted.

All in all, a lovely event.

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