Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A flower alone

This morning, one of the flowers from the bulb fell off from the mother plant.  I decided to allow it to shine on its own and took several pictures.

I made a shadowbox a few years back to photograph my hand crafted jewellery.The led lights bring out the shine.  Doesn't the flower look wonderful like this?  My daughter made me the yellow crocheted seat cover years ago and I cherish it.

Ah, the curious one called Boots, even at age 19, has to know what is going on!

Simple, yet effective - sitting on top of a container of dates

Silver tea set is made even more beautiful with this flower

In some ways, this plant reminds me of life.  The plant grows slowly and steadily, blossoming into a sturdy stock.  When one of the flowers fall off, the plant still keeps on keeping on, in spite of its loss.  The fallen flower has its brief moment in the sun, so to speak, but eventually will curl up and die without the nourishing of the mother plant.

Doesn't this show how important the mother plant is in giving nourishment and in the case of humans, love and devotion to its offspring?  Such a huge responsibility being a mother and of course, a father.

Here is as picture of the mother plant after the flower fell off.
Mother plant after the loss of one flower

Side view - still thriving and strong
Life is like that in so many ways.  In living, we also must overcome the negative and sad events in our lives and carry on just like this gorgeous plant is.

On that note, have a good day and enjoy the sunshine which is peeking out here in Hamilton, Ontario.

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