Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring-like flowers to bring on the Spring!

The sun is shining brightly outside my window and for the last two days I have done Spring cleaning.  Yesterday I did a design of flowers in my golden tea pot and I think it looks wonderful!  It is not possible to drink out of this teapot any more due to the fact that the lining has worn out inside.  The outside is fabulous though.

Morning Glory flowers with my golden teapot and crocheted pink doily I made years ago

In my opinion, it adds so much warmth to the little coffee table and brings a smile to my face each time I sit down on my big comfy chair to read or watch t.v.

I also am polishing my silverware which is a very time consuming job but the results are fabulous, with everything brightly shining like the morning stars.

Here is the result of some more designing with flowers and things I have on hand.

AFor my bedroom -  what a joy to wake up and see bright and happy flowers peering at me as if in welcome.

Carnations in a base which used to be filled with red roses from the Gala event I was invited to at my club.  
I've had these tiny flowers for years as well as an extra little pail and I thought it looked nice together.

This gorgeous blossom is from a friend at Christmas.  It started out as a bulb and it was fascinating to see it grow.  

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you have enjoyed my creative ideas.  My wonderful plants are also thriving and it is like a jungle in the sitting room where they all live.

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