Sunday, February 2, 2014


Today I co-hosted a party in our party room.  My friend Carmen is now selling Mary Kay cosmetics and we held a party in my building. It was to introduce her new endeavour to a group of ladies from St. Paul's.

Carmen was amazing with her energy and she did a very good presentation. The ladies had a good time trying the various cosmetics and many people bought her products.  I was very glad for that.

I also had a display of my jewellery and I sold quite a few pairs of nice earrings.  It was not the reason for the party but just an  added attraction.  Carmen asked me to display some of my hand crafted jewellery which I did.

I was quite pleased with the results of the party.  It was a  very compatible groups of ladies who came as well as they all knew each other.

Thanks for dropping by.

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