Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Memorial for Jen

I was so pleased to see the large turnout to remember Jen.  It was held at the Freeway Cafe at Wellington and King.  Matt did a really good job of organizing it. 

I saw many familiar faces and was touched by the good words said about Jen and how much she will be missed.

I read her prose poem about God and nature and then my poem  "My Journey"

It was a fitting poem as Jen exhibited throughout her life the qualities in that poem. 

There were three musical events as well to honour Jen.  I thoroughly enjoyed that as well.

It was not a sad occasion as Jen believed in God and now she is in a better place where she will have no more scarcity, no more pain and where she will be welcomed wholeheartedly.

Rest in peace Jen and enjoy your new life.

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