Monday, September 24, 2012

At Grief Hill - Sept. 2012

Carmen and Wally gave me a lift up there.  It is about a 45 minute ride from Hamilton which is not too far at all.

We were the second to arrived and others straggled in eventually.  It was a little nippy as the weather had turned cooler but I enjoyed it.

Once Gary arrived with the key, we trooped inside and some gathered kindling for the fireplace,  and others tried to figure out how to light the fire without a match!  No easy task, to be sure!

One of  the men, who must have been a Boy Scout for sure, found an ingenious way to do it.

It was very comfortable in there once the fire was lit and the lovely aroma of apple tea filled the room.  I think throughout the afternoon, I made three potfuls of this tea as it proved very popular.

I had brought coucous salad plus the apple tea.  Others had brought finger foods while others made meat dishes and salads.

We were totally spoiled in the array of delicious foods available.

The Living Room

Before the gang arrived

Carmen and Wally - the love birds
The younger folk played sports and some people went on a long hike which was pleasant for them.

We ate supper after 5 p.m. and everybody left by 7 p.m.

It was great to see Peter there.  We have such a nice relationship - always joking around together.  He visited me on a regular basis when I was hospitalized and we developed a very nice friendship.

All in all, a lovely afternoon for the church picnic at Grieff Hill.

Thanks for dropping by and please come back some other time.

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