Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Monday and the sun is shining

How lovely to wake up to a sunlit room.

The delicate rays of the sun lightly touched my supine figure as it soothed away my cares and woes.  Instead of muttering to myself that I wanted to have a few more minutes shuteye, I swung my co-operating legs over the side of my narrow single bed and slipped my aging feet into my cozy slippers.

The sun made all the difference in my thoughts that day as I looked forward to the meeting with the elderly gentleman at my club. He had shown some interest and now we were to be formally introduced.

Perhaps there was romance in the air, even at my age?  Could it be that someone would see me for who I really am, a loving and interesting person - not just another "old person"?
Okay folks, you who have dropped in to this blog.  I am in the writing "mood" and the above is just what my imagination came up with.  Hope you are intrigued?

It was fun writing it.  Will there be romance in the air do you think?  Do you think two older people can find happiness with each other?

Questions to leave you thinking.  Next time you see an elderly person, perhaps this little story will make you wonder about the person and who they really are.  Not the outer shell but the inner person who has contributed to society all their years.

On that note, please drop by again if you wish.  Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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