Friday, March 18, 2016

Some new things happening

I have been cat sitting for Oliver, Laura and little boys cat for a week now and Oliver feels very much at home.

He is a real nice cat and I have trained him to go on newspapers and he does not mind at all.  That will save Laura a bundle of money in the future.

On Wednesday my son and I went up to the SPCA to look and interact with Bootsie, an 11 year old cat who has been through a great deal of trauma.  We sat and talked with her through the open cage and no matter what we did, she did not want to come out to even say hello.

Animals usually like my son but Bootsie just did not react in any way to either of us.

Sadly, we had to leave her behind but I found out that the SPCA is a non-kill shelter so eventually she will find a new home.

We came home Gemma, a short haired cat who is 7 1/2 years old.  Up until now, Gemma is still hiding under my bed but that will change once she feels safe.

She is eating and drinking and using her litter box and once in a while, especially at night, I hear a gentle meow from under the bed.

I think when Oliver goes home on Thursday night, Gemma will explore her new home and feel more comfortable.

Oliver tries to sneak in to meet her but the one time he went under the bed, he hissed at her and so I had to remove him.

It would be nice if they could become buddies but it may not happen this time.

I haven't been able to take a picture of Gemma as yet.  Hopefully in a few more days, she will get braver and come out.

Thanks for dropping by.

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