Saturday, March 5, 2016

An update

Not very much going on right now.  The weather is up and down, with snow, then melting, but still lots of snow around.

I have been going to my two events at the library, the first one for singing and the other for writing.

The writing one, in particular, has helped me a great deal to break the writer's block I have had for about a year now.

I just love that class.  

I'm also enjoying the singing group as well.

I borrowed All in the Family DVD's and am having many days of enjoyment from them.  I just love them.  Brings back many memories of another time.

In about five more days, I shall be cat sitting for a mature cat called Oli for 14 days while his family goes on vacation. I really am looking forward to that.

I have decided against a bird due to the way this place is heated.  It is with a hot air furnace and first a cold blast of air comes out, then a warm blast of air.  Birds are not able to handle drafts so this place is out for a bird.

My son and I will go to a shelter and pick out a mature cat who needs a home once Oli's family gets home.  

I will meet Oli for a short visit tomorrow afternoon.  I want to make sure he will be comfortable with me  before he comes here for the two weeks.

Thanks for dropping by.

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