Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Oh my, what possessed me to start even?  Was it because of the plant droppings which littered the area behind the sofa?  I had to water the poor things in any event and I think they were most grateful to have a good amount of water.   Was it because I began to feel claustrophobic?  I clean every day but certainly do not do a deep cleaning.  Today was the day.  What a day to start though.  No sleep last night, up more than half the night!  Once one starts  in one corner, it leads to another corner, and so on and so on........

As some of you know, I am in the process of downsizing which has been going on for a very long time. 

I took a big bag over to the Salvation Army thrift store yesterday.  That was good.  Have given away some very nice clothing which is still in tip top shape and which I hope will bless other people.

Trying another arrangement for the furniture which I hope will work.  I'll take pictures later on when it is finished and post them.

I get bored with things the same all the time.  I have friends who never change anything around, no matter how many years it has been the same.

Poor old Mr. Boots doesn't know where to sit right now.  I have taken over two of his sitting place but he will get them back once everything is done.

Speaking of Mr. Boots, I think he will not be with me much longer.  He is 20 years old and his back legs are not holding up him well any more.  He doesn't seem to be in any pain though which is good.  I hope he just falls asleep one day and doesn't wake up.  Usually cats try and hide when they are dying but there is no indication of Mr. Boots doing that, so hopefully he will last a little longer.

I may have to stop now as tiredness is overtaking me.   The sitting room is beginning to shape up.  Still have tons of paperwork to go through but that will take a very long time.  I do a little each day and only keep essential papers for records.

Thanks for dropping by.  Hopefully in a few days time the sitting room will be in order, except for the paperwork which will take ages more.


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