Saturday, October 24, 2015

A fantastic event today- Leadership Summit for Women 2015

Although the day itself was rainy and dreary, that did not deter the many people who turned up for a day of interesting talks held at the David Braley Health Science Centre at 100 Main Street West in Hamilton, Ontario.

Here is what their website said about the event.

"The Leadership Summit for Women is presented in partnership by McMaster University and the McMaster Students Union with the YWCA Hamilton. The Summit brings together women, trans* individuals, and allies from the McMaster and Hamilton communities.
An annual intergenerational community-wide event, the Summit provides the skills, space, and support for all participants, regardless of gender, to reach their full potential as individuals and as collaborative members of the community.
Participants in the Leadership Summit for Women are catalysts of change, driving the creation of a more just and equitable society.
The 2015 Leadership Summit for Women will be held at McMaster’s new downtown campus, the David Braley Health Sciences Centre located at 100 Main Street West on Saturday, October 24, 2015. For the most up-to-date information, Like the Leadership Summit for Women on Facebook.
2015 Workshops
The theme for the 2015 Leadership Summit for Women is Make it Happen Hamilton.
The event will feature a wide variety of workshops and a keynote panel discussion.
Topics include:
  • Building Your Leadership Brand
  • Leadership Values
  • Creating Change in Your Community
  • Women in Trades
  • Women in the Arts
  • Women in Politics
  • Women as Entrepreneurs
  • Women in Medicine
  • The Role of Mentorship
  • Creating an Inclusive Workplace
  • Activism and Advocacy"
On a personal note, I chose to attend two of the sessions. I would have loved to attend more but one had to pick one topic for the morning and one for the afternoon.

I chose the topic of how Muslim women feel as "the other" and found it very interesting.  There was no "new" information for me but rather confirmed what I have observed over the years.  I found it wonderful that the young women students lead this seminar and they did a very good job of it.  Jon Wells from the Spectator sat in on this one and took notes on his laptop so I suspect that something will be in the paper within a few days time.  

It was certainly a day of good eats, good conversation and audience participation.  The lunch was delicious - wraps with meat and wraps for vegetarians plus fresh fruit and fruit bars.  I also noticed that there was coffee available as well during the day.

After we had finished the luncheon, we went to our second topic.  I chose the one led by my friend Linda Marshall.  She and her dear daughter Olivia had it all set up and ready to go.  

Linda's topic was on emotional intelligence and how it affected every day life.  She had a slide presentation which Olivia ran for her.  
Linda Marshall giving her presentation

One of the prizes - I really liked this one but was not lucky enough to win it.

Her prizes plus her book also

The afternoon seemed to fly by and soon it was time to return to the auditorium for a wrap up of the day.

I was very fortunate to meet two ladies, one who sat beside me in the auditorium called Deb and the other, a very nice young lady who packed a little lunch for me from the left over food.  Her name is Carol and she already has gotten in touch with me via email.  Fortunately, I had some of my business cards with me and gave both of them a card.

Here are some random shots of the event.

This exhibition truly amazed me
The stairs going down.  There also were elevators.

The scrumptious buffet
A small outdoor patio
I cannot stress enough how worthwhile an event this was.  Thanks to all the sponsors the price was extremely reasonable considering one had snacks and beverage when one arrived, then a wonderful lunch, then again, more food and to top it all off, people were asked to take food home with them!

Twenty dollars ($20.00 plus tax of $2.00) was the price.  There was even help for people who may not have been able to afford it which I thought, was wonderful!

A day well spent in good company with good topics to think about and to act upon.

Thanks for dropping by.

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