Sunday, October 11, 2015

What a difference a walk makes!

I had rather a difficult start to the day as I had no sleep the night before, plus have a little cold and other minor problems.

I had planned to go to church but things did not work out.  In the afternoon, I had an invitation for tea at one of my neighbour's place which I enjoyed.

After a nice visit, I suggested we go out for a walk as the day was gorgeous.  No takers on that one unfortunately.

Off I went with my trusty walker, walked down almost to Wilson and popped into the mall on the way back.  There was very few people there and most of the shops were closed this being Thanksgiving Sunday.  The wind had really picked up and I was glad to be inside for a short while.

On my way home, I saw a bunch of young people singing their hearts out in Gore Park, so being the curious person that I am, I went over and sat and listened to them.  It was wonderful.  They appeared to be Spanish speaking so I spoke to them in Spanish and they invited me to their church.

Just before the young people came over to speak to me, a German man stopped in front of where I was sitting, and spoke to me.  Without thinking, I replied to him in German but I could not remember where I had seen him before.  He reminded me that we had sat together at a nice supper at St. John's.  Then I remembered him.

What interesting experienced can be had when one takes a stroll and gets among people.  I watched the young people and another dear fellow near Jackson Square, as they tried to share their faith with others.  Most people just walked by, unconcerned and unmoved.

I really admire these people who stand up for what they believe and share with whoever will listen to them.

The weather was brisk but in the sun it was heavenly.  I was so glad to be outside, watching people, watching the buses go by, and talking to people.

I wish now that I had let Adam arrange for a friend to pick me up for the Commons tonight but in the morning I felt so punk that I cancelled the event.

Jeanette Anne and Matt and Adam are three of the people that I know there and most likely others.

Perhaps another time I will go.

Life is full of joy if one opens up themselves to people and is approachable.  I feel so happy for this afternoon's little adventures and the fresh air has been so good for me.

On that note, thanks for dropping by and have a very Happy Thanksgiving if you are in Canada.  Here it is a family time, and usually people have roasted turkey with all the trimmings and families gather.

A wonderful time!

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