Sunday, February 8, 2015


I thought it might be a good idea to try and catch up on my personal blog.  I have been so involved in a Facebook site of both Lachiners and Montrealers that I have neglected this blog. What wonderful memories  both those pages  bring back to me and I have also reconnected with some old school friends in the Lachine Site.  Both are closed groups which means that it is by invitation only.

On another note, due to the inclement weather outside, I thought I would try and brighten this page up by taking some pictures of some of my house plants. One of them is even beginning to bloom.  I hope that that means Spring is not too far off!

This little fellow is blooming and I expect more blooms in the near future.

I grew this fellow from one clipping from my friend Marty in Toronto.

I think kind is called Moses in a bush but am not sure.

When my children were small, we used to have this type of plant which grew along one wall.  We used to call it "Philly the Dendrum".

A splash of greenery does not go amiss when the weather is cold outside and the wind is rattling my windows up here.

Today was a bad weather day but in spite of that, for the Annual General Meeting for St. John's, the church was packed.  Today was also the day where my friend A Yi flys back to her home country.  She has made a lot of friends at the church and will be missed. Her daughter will stay with the Pastors and their family.  It worked out well for everybody and the daughter will visit me once a week.

We stayed for lunch and the young people made it.  It was a delicious bowl of chili with sour cream and cheese on top.  For dessert, we had ice cream and a wafer which was also good.  Coffee and tea were available as well.  All for the price of $8.50 each for adults and $5.00 for children.

All in all, a very nice occasion.

Over the last few weeks, I also have been rather busy with downsizing and going through things.

These winter days I don't get out much except to go for appointments or to the library so there is not much to write about.

Thanks for dropping by.

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