Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not the best of endings after such a good start

I had invited a friend to come for tea at my club and was looking forward to it.

It was a brutally cold day when she arrived but she was well dressed for it.  We met downstairs at my place and walked over together.

We had a lovely tea with some treats as well and then we decided to take a little tour of the club.  There wasn't much time left as the club was due to close at 4 so we didn't go very far.  

Unfortunately, she fell down three steps on the main floor and happily staff saw it and rushed to help her.  I was a little ahead of her, not realizing that she wanted to see what the room was and when I looked back she was lying on the floor in a heap.

She appeared to be all right so we finished our abbreviated tour and then left the club.

Unfortunately it seems that she is not all right and is in pain now so she will see her doctor today.

I am hoping that it is just bruised and will heal.  

Not a good ending for the day I must say.  

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princess-anna said...

I hope she is getting better now and that she feels better soon