Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday's events

I was late for the service at St. John's by half an hour but at least got there in time for the sermon which I really enjoyed.  It was something I have always believed in, helping others as much as one can.

I joined Rosie at her table downstairs and then A Yi and Tina, her daughter, came and sat with us.  It was very pleasant.

Since it was Eid, I had made an arrangement for my friend Sarah to come downtown and we would do something together.  I took A Yi and Tina back to my place for lunch and then Sarah came and we went to Locke Street. Tina and Boots (Mr. Boots as the two ladies call  him) took to each other.

We took the number 7 bus to  Locke Street in Hamilton where there many interesting shops including Antique Shops which A Yi  loves.

After browsing, we went for a tea at Ceylonbush tea shop.  It is a very relaxing atmosphere there and we stayed until the next bus came to return to the down town area.  It is nice that they all got along together well and nice for them all to meet a new friend.

I felt very tired after a long day but happy that it all worked out for everybody.

Thanks for dropping by.

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