Friday, August 30, 2013

Time spent with a student and her little family at Pier 8

The youngest child was quite excited to see the boats and the water while the second youngest child was enchanted with the telescope. The second oldest son came and he was a very nice young person whose company I enjoyed.

I really liked how he looked after his little sisters.

We walked around Pier 8 and then we took the children to see the wooden fish on the wall further down which they seemed to get a real kick out of.

We even ventured further than that and saw the Haida ship and other big boats.  One of my student's friends, a young mother and her son, came to join us and she knew the area as she lives around there. It was also very pleasant to meet her.

It was a delight to see the two little people consulting with each other and playing together.  I was a little nervous on the side where the fence is not very high at the water but thankfully there were no mishaps and the little ones were fine.

All in all, a very pleasant time spent.

The waterfront bus will be stopping Monday night so hope to get down there a few more times.

Thanks for stopping by.

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